The N-Series is a full range high-performance NEUTRAL Insulating Low-E glass developed to enhance solar control and energy efficiency while offering neutral aesthetics. This new coating offers high levels of transparency, which allows the natural daylight to pass through even as it reduces glare and UV transmittance.


This high-performance glass can be combined with both silk screen patterns and laminated glass. Using the combination of N-Series and a tinted glass can reduce solar heat gain down and produces an excellent Light to Solar Gain ratio. For even more color and performance options, it can be coated on the second (#2) surface of nearly all PPG’s wide range of tinted glasses, or combined in an IGU with any PPG tinted glass, Solarcool® reflective glass or Vistacool® subtly reflective, color-enhanced glass (see performance data).

The environmental and financial benefits of Low-E glass are the driving force behind today’s commercial market.


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