Tecnoglass N70/38 was developed to enhance Solar Control Low-E giving new architectural projects the energy saving benefits of Low-E glass anytime of the year. Now you can have the perfect balance for controlling heat transfer during the summer, but also preserving inside a portion of heat during the winter, thus controlling overall energy costs of temperature conditioning and lighting. A winter U Value of .29 and a summer U-Value of .27 are the perfect combination for controlling heat loss in the winter and heat transfer in the summer.

Whether you’re looking for a product that has solar control to help you achieve LEED points or to protect artwork or flooring, N70/38 is the right option.

This high-performance glass that can be combined with both silk screen patterns and laminated glass.

Tecnoglass N70/38 clear glass can achieve a SHGC as low as .39 blocking on average 66% of the total solar energy while allowing between 70% of the visible light to pass through. Using the combination of N70/38 and a tinted glass can reduce solar heat gain down to as low as a SHGC of .13, and produces an excellent Light to Solar Gain ratio as high as 1.79 (LSG).

Tecnoglass N70/38 glass can be coated on Starphire® glass and paired with Starphire® glass or with other ultra-clear glasses to produce an IGU with exceptional clarity and solar control characteristics. For even more color and performance options, it can be coated on the second (#2) surface of nearly all PPG’s wide range of tinted glasses, or combined in an IGU with any PPG tinted glass, Solarcool® reflective glass or Vistacool® subtly reflective, color-enhanced glass.

The environmental and financial benefits of Low-E glass are the driving force behind today’s commercial market. Contact us to learn more.

N70/38 Performance


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