Our vision is to be a worldwide leader with the highest quality products and service, supported by highly trained and motivated employees who embody our mission.


Our mission is the transformation of glass using superior manufacturing technology . We also strive to fulfill our customers’ quality and service expectations while maintaining our competitiveness through empowerment . This contributes to our company’s growth and prosperity, while adequately and fairly compensating the members of our organization, their families, our stockholders and society.


Tecnoglass S.A. began operations on April 18, 1994 when it entered the early phases of large-scale production of tempered, laminated, insulating, screen-printed, bullet-resistant and curved glass. Over the years, Tecnoglass has gained industry recognition and prowess through its ability to respond to market demand for high quality products, competitive prices and timely delivery. Tecnoglass was established after sister company ESWINDOWS created a demand for more sophisticated and unconventional glass in its windows and facade projects.

For specialty needs, ranging from facades to refrigeration units among others, Tecnoglass offers customers a wide range of solutions. For example, its thermo-acoustic glass is ideal for large spaces that require temperature control and/or noise reduction, and laminated glass that exceeds market quality standards. Tecnoglass has proven a commitment to accommodating its customers’ needs. It is this commitment that has made the company the top supplier in South Florida, an area notorious for its strict construction requirements.

In December 2013, Tecnoglass Inc. debuted on the Nasdaq stock exchange (NASDAQ: TGLS), accomplishing a great personal milestone as well as a milestone as the first Colombian company to be listed in NASDAQ, a globally recognized premier prestigious securities market. On January 6, 2016 the company also ventured in the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), listing its shares under the mnemonic TGLSC. 

In 2015, Tecnoglass began offering clients TecnoAir solutions processed on its revolutionary, cutting-edge technology for glass tempering. By replacing the traditional roller-based equipment for an air-pressure system, TecnoAir completely eliminates distortion and iridescence, and enables the production of the world's thinnest security glass.

That same year, Tecnoglass launched TecnoBend, a curved glass featuring tempered Low-E level in large dimensions. TecnoBend is such a powerful new technology launched in response to today’s latest design trends and allowing for greater creative possibilities.

Meeting the Demand for Better Quality

Strategically located on the northern coast of South America on the Colombian Caribbean sea, the Tecnoglass group (Tecnoglass, Alutions and ESWindows) is fully integrated and controls the manufacturing process from beginning to end. As a result, we can guarantee to our customers in the Americas and locations around the world the best quality and superb service at fair prices. We don’t perform random quality control on our products—we inspect every single item before it leaves our facility. That is the power of quality.

Strong relationship with local communities.

For several decades, we have committed resources to improve the quality of life of our employees and the local communities surrounding our company’s facilities. As a result of these initiatives, we have developed close and cooperative relationships with local communities in Colombia, which are supported by several social responsibility initiatives we have undertaken. We consider our employees as the key motors of our historical and future success and therefore have focused initiatives of our non-profit, the Tecnoglass-ESWindows Foundation on offering our employees and their families the resources to purchase or improve their homes through the Programa de Mejora de Vivienda; as well as educational stipends for higher education pursuits through our program, Programa de Becas. The Tecnoglass-ESWindows Foundation supports a school for primary and secondary education in La Paz neighborhood in Barranquilla, Colombia. We work through alliances with other non-profits in different projects, such as Colombia: Una Campo para Soñar y Crecer that supports children in vulnerable neighborhoods in Barranquilla and its surrounding communities through the enhancement of their sports skills. In 2015, the Foundation in alliance with other non-profit organizations, opened the first orphans home in Barranquilla, named Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo.

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Investor Information

Tecnoglass Inc. (NASDAQ: TGLS) is a leading manufacturer of architectural glass, windows, and associated aluminum products for the global commercial and residential construction industries. Tecnoglass is the #1 architectural glass transformation company in Latin America and the second largest glass fabricator serving the United States.

Headquartered in Barranquilla, Colombia, the Company operates out of a 2.3 million square foot vertically-integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing complex that provides easy access to the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Tecnoglass supplies more than 800 customers in North, Central and South America, with the United States accounting for approximately 51% of revenues in 2014. 

Tecnoglass' tailored, high-end products are found on some of the world’s most distinctive properties, including the El Dorado Airport (Bogota), Imbanaco Medical Center (Cali), Via 57 West (New York), Brickell City Centre (Miami), and The Woodlands (Houston).      

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