Tecnoglass offers the perfect Solar Control Low-E glass for summer and winter. Tecnoglass N70/38 is an ideal glass combination as it offers the utmost visual clarity and transparency with the energy-saving benefits of Low-E. This coating reduces a building’s overall energy costs by controlling long wave heat loss in the winter and long wave heat transfer in the summer.

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The N-Series is a full range high-performance NEUTRAL Insulating Low-E glass developed to enhance solar control and energy efficiency while offering neutral aesthetics. This new coating offers high levels of transparency, which allows the natural daylight to pass through even as it reduces glare and UV transmittance.

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The R-series is a full range high-performance REFLECTIVE Insulating Low-E glass that offers low to high reflectivity and visibility, and a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This coating has a neutral brightness that enhances the appearance of low-iron glass as well as various tinted glasses.

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